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T-Spec Car Audio

The T-Spec goal is to bring innovation and value to every product in this revolutionary line of car audio accessories. T-Spec products feature high levels of engineering with the installer in mind while using only the finest materials available. This combination provides maximum performance in all price ranges. The T-Spec product offering features 5 levels of value and performance:

T-Spec Car Audio Performance Levels T-Spec Car Audio Performance Levels
T-Spec RCA Audio Cables

RCA Audio Cables

T-Spec’s RCA cables are engineered for high levels of noise rejection with the most meticulous build quality using only the finest materials. Five different levels provide maximum performance in all price ranges.

The v16 Series is our ultimate RCA cable for competition-rated car audio performance, featuring a 26AWG oxygen-free copper core for maximum bass.

The v12 Series uses full oxygen-free copper with twisted pair construction.

The v10 Series is manufactured with BC-5W2 marine-grade cable for use on boats or outdoor vehicles, complemented by our patented high-tolerance and compact machined metal end.

The v8 Series and v6 Series RCA cables provide an incredible value for budget-friendly car audio installations that still demand great sound performance.

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T-Spec Fuse Holders

Fuse Holders

Fusing an aftermarket car stereo system provides protection for your car and aftermarket stereo system. No fuse system provides better protection than T-Spec’s compact brass designs.

These products are constructed from solid brass and are smaller than anything else in the industry. With the new one tool T20 Torx® screws and 360-degree rotatable base, installation has never been faster, easier, and more reliable with T-Spec’s fuse holders

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T-Spec Compact Premium Brass Accessories

Battery Terminals

Compact brass battery terminals have taken this same thoughtful design with low-profile terminals designed to fit where others cannot.

The new Add-a-Post system creates an additional battery post to retain the sophisticated fused battery terminal found in modern vehicles.

These universal terminals are constructed from solid brass for maximum conductivity and feature the easy installation, single tool T20 Torx® screws.

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T-Spec Compact Premium Brass Accessories

Compact Premium Brass Accessories

Maximizing functionality while maintaining the smallest profile was key with these groundbreaking designs.

A 4-position battery terminal that can accept up to (2) 1/0 AWG and (2) 4 AWG, down to (4) 10 AWG wires and including all markers and hardware to be used for positive or negative post is a game-changer for installers!

T-Spec’s revolutionary fuse block that is capable of mounting a single ANL fuse, single MANL fuse, or even dual MANL fuses is the ultimate all-in-one fuse solution.

For multiple amplifier systems, the 3-way fused distribution block and 2-to-1 grounding block will ensure solid power transfer to all components with highly discrete footprints.

All of these components are constructed of 100% brass for optimal conductivity and nickel-plated for durability and longevity.

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T-Spec Spooled Bulk Wire

Spooled Bulk Wire

The performance of your car audio system is only as good as its weakest link.

Many wire companies today will have you believe that a cheap cable will save you money and get the job done but the truth is that below-specification cables will rob current from your amplifier reducing power output by as much as 50%!!!

T-Spec has once again chosen to take the high road with a full line of ABOVE SPEC cables that exceed CEA and ANSI specifications for gauge size.

V12 above-spec wire is an industry-first providing greater current capability for your stereo's sensitive electronics.

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T-Spec high end packaging


Such a high-end line of car audio products deserves packaging that is just as cool.

T-Spec’s full line looks amazing on the shelf with icon-based level differentiators, boxes with UV coatings, and custom windows.

The bulk and V6 series come in a beautiful resealable retail polybag that looks great next to the higher level boxes.

Altogether, it’s a very impressive planogram.

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